IT Professional / Actor / Musician / Sound Designer, Composer, Audio Engineer

This web site is the personal site of J. Gary Thompson. Here you will find links to resumes for , Acting, Music, and Sound Design, and information about current projects and activities.

If you wish to contact me, you may do so at: jgaryt (at)

Current Theatre Projects:

Rocky Horror (Puppet) Show - The Zoot Theatre Company

Alice in Wonderland - The Zoot Theatre Company
Actor / Composer

The Chronicles of Narnia - The Zoot Theatre Company
Director / Composer

Stone Soup / The Little Match Girl - The Zoot Theatre Company
Writer / Director / Composer

Animal Farm - The Zoot Theatre Company


Current Music Projects:

Current Affiliations:

Regal Beloit, Inc

4321 Sound Studios
Sound Designer / Composer
Web Development and design

Zoot Theatre Company
Resident Artist / Puppeteer

PC Goenner Talent Agency
Actor / Voice-Over Talent